‘I’m lonely’: Imani Wheeler blames ‘Love Island Games’ co-stars for plotting her eviction

SUVA, FIJI: Imani Wheeler took to her YouTube to share her journey on Season 1 of ‘Love Island Games’. In addition to her current relationship status, the model also talked about her crushes on Jack Fowler and Justin Ndiba on the game.

The star was eliminated after competing in the Carnival Games challenge. Before the elimination, she got a feeling that the people in the villa were planning.

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Imani said in the video, “I’m lonely, I’m voicing my concerns, but it never goes anywhere.” Courtney Len said her confidence was shattered when she voted against Liberty Pool and Jessica Losurdo.

Imani is revealed to have made a “soul connection” with Zeta Morrison in the game. Before the carnival game, Imani pulls Zeta and Courtney aside, informing her that “they’ve been plotting to take you out for days.”

Zeta and Courtney told him, “You’ve won 3 times as a power couple and they’re trying to take you out.” In the middle of the carnival challenge, Imani confesses to Ryan Gantt that “now is the time.”

Imani sees Jack planning his elimination. However, Imani said that he is on good terms with everyone and has no bad blood with anyone on the show.

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'Love Island Games' star Imani Wheeler accuses Ray Gantt
‘Love Island Games’ stars Imani Wheeler and Ray Gant eliminated in Carnival Games challenge (Instagram/@loveislandusa)

‘Love Island Games’ star Imani Wheeler has accused Ray Gantt of ignoring her warning

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Imani said in her video, “I was trying to talk to my partner and I was like, ‘I see them, I see them plotting. We have to make moves, we have to move. “

The model believes all “talking and negotiating” is out the window at that point, as Jack and Justin have a solid plan to rule Imani out of the villa.

But, it seems that Ray did not make any move on Imani’s warning. “But he’s ignoring me,” she said.

'Love Island Games' stars Imani Wheeler and Ray Gant at the Carnival Games Challenge (Instagram/@loveislandusa)
‘Love Island Games’ stars Imani Wheeler and Ray Gant at the Carnival Games Challenge (Instagram/@loveislandusa)

Are ‘Love Island Games’ stars Imani Wheeler and Ray Gantt still together?

No! The show features Imani and Ray as a couple. But, they don’t seem to have continued their relationship outside the villa.

Spilling secrets about her experience in Imani Villa in a recently released video, she also gave an update on her relationship status.

Imani captioned her video, “I’m happily single, new beginnings, more.. opportunities!!” It was titled. The 22-year-old is thankful for the opportunities she got on the show. mode; He wrote, “I am grateful that Nemali gave me this experience; I learned a lot about myself as a man/partner, myself and what I was looking for in a friendship.

The ‘Love Island Games’ Season 1 finale airs on November 20 at 9 PM ET on Peacock.

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