Kendall Jenner sizzling in a skimpy Calvin Klein bikini, but fans notice something ‘unnatural’ about her legs

Los Angeles, Calif.: ‘The Kardashians’ celebs can be more depressing. Kendall Jenner, on the other hand, changed things up on Nov. 20 when she debuted the weirdest Calvin Klein campaign featuring the model topless, which received some unfair mockery.

The 28-year-old fashion model struck several sensual poses in her underwear, leaving her fans and followers swooning. Calvin Klein’s official Instagram account posted a video of Kendall strutting around in a black two-piece underwear set with the caption, “Lounge moment here.”

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Kendall Jenner poses for Calvin Klein in new Instagram ad (Instagram/kendalljenner)
Kendall Jenner poses for Calvin Klein in new Instagram ad (Instagram/@kendalljenner)

Kendall wore the brand’s sheer Marquisette underwear, which is described as “delicate and refined for the holidays.”

However, curious fans noticed something strange about her post, they took to the comment section and asked, “But why is her leg bent unnaturally? 🤔” while another user chimed in, “Right leg twisted in some unnatural position; Picture 2 Do you have a cleft in your chest? tf continues.”

One user further quipped, “Something went wrong here!! 🤔 🦵🦵.” A fourth user joined in, “That body! But… that leg! 😳.”

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One user even wondered, “But why is the leg like that?” Another speculated, “Shaky windows in the background. This image is definitely AI.

Others commented, “My god those injections make her leg look like a deformed chicken leg.” “Something looks wrong with that leg,” wrote another.

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Kendall Jenner trolled for 'unnatural' looking legs (Instagram/kendalljenner)
Kendall Jenner trolled for ‘unnatural’ looking legs (Instagram/@kendalljenner)

Who is Kendall Jenner dating now?

Kendall and Bad Bunny’s surprising relationship made headlines in February, and they’re still going strong months later. When the Grammy-winning Puerto Rican rapper arrived in Los Angeles earlier this year, the supermodel, who previously dated NBA star Devin Booker, initially met him through mutual acquaintances.

Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny spark engagement rumors (Instagram/@kendalljenner/ Getty/ Alberto E. Rodriguez)
Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny spark engagement rumors (Instagram/@kendalljenner/ Getty/ Alberto E. Rodriguez)

What is Kendall Jenner’s net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Kendall’s current net worth is estimated at $60 million at the time of publishing this article. Although she got her start as a reality TV star, she has a long list of accomplishments to her name.

Kendall Jenner stuns in ivory mini dress at LA FWRD pop-up event (Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)
Kendall Jenner is worth millions (Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

Kendall Jenner picked up the bar tab this year on Thanksgiving Eve

Kendall is here to make sure you have 818 Tequila for Thanksgiving. 818 is kicking off its Cheers Giving campaign just in time for the busiest bar night of the year and the official start of the holiday season.

To be clear, 818 will pay up to $8.18 off the tab for every 818 Tequila drink you buy at participating locations nationwide on Wednesday, November 22nd.

Returning home for the holidays can be awkward and difficult due to reunions with former classmates, awkward friends of friends and small talk with distant relatives. 818 Tequila will help you overcome your hometown woes with a celebratory (and much-needed) “cheers.”

On Nov. 22, 818 tequila drinks purchased at bars nationwide will be reimbursed up to $8.18 each by Kendall’s award-winning tequila brand.

To take advantage of this offer, which runs from 6 am to 11:59 pm PT, purchase any 818 Tequila drink at any participating bar or restaurant you can find on its website. Then, submit your receipt to the 818 Cheersgiving website by November 23 at 11:59 PM PT to receive reimbursement of up to $8.18 per person.

This year, Kendall Jenner is paying part of your Thanksgiving Eve bar tab (Instagram/drink818)
This year, Kendall Jenner is paying part of your Thanksgiving Eve bar tab (Instagram/drink818)

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